Contactless Appointment Check-In With Healow

Starting March 1, you may skip the front desk and check in for your upcoming appointment right from your mobile device. This new option on the Healow® online app offers a safe, contactless way for you to confirm and check in for your appointment. To use this new feature, make sure to provide your phone number to receive secure texts today and complete your arrival check-in tasks ahead of time.

How it works:

Contactless Check-In
Contactless Check-In

1. Confirm Your Appointment.

Prior to your appointment, you will receive an automatic text reminder on your phone and Healow® app. With one click, you can confirm the appointment and begin check-in.
Contactless Check-In
Contactless Check-In

2. Update your information before you arrive.

You can review and confirm personal information and answer questionnaires. Using Healow® Pay (only at select locations), you are able to securely make copayments and tend to balances.
Contactless Check-In

3. Let us know when you’ve arrived at our office.

When you arrive at our office, click “I have arrived.
No waiting room. No login. Just click a link.

Provide your phone number to receive secure texts today!

Questions? Call our office or read the Patient Instructions. Don't have the Healow® Online app?
  1. Download the Healow® app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android Phone).
  2. Search for our practice by entering this unique code on the Healow® app – CDHGCA.
  3. Enter your portal username and password.